Garcinia Cambogia Warnings That You Deserve to Know About

Garcinia Cambogia has been in and out of the news for years. There are dozens of articles both touting its effectiveness and blasting the supplement as nothing more than “snake oil.” So, what are the current warnings about the tropical fruit extract, and why is the topic so polarizing?

Blood sugar warnings

Some websites and articles are warning diabetics about taking Garcinia Cambogia because it can cause an unsafe drop in blood sugar when combined with insulin. It is unknown if this is true. If you have any chronic health problems, it is strongly advised that you speak with a physician before taking any dietary supplements.

Antidepressant warnings

HCA has proven to be as effective as fluoxetine at acting as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. If taking fluoxetine or any other SSRI-type antidepressants, speak with a doctor before taking HCA. There is a slight possibility that taking this supplement could result in serotonin levels that are too high, leading to a host of side effects.

Effectiveness warnings

Perhaps the most prevalent and persistent warning about Garcinia Cambogia is that it is an ineffective method of losing weight. Clinical trials of Garcinia Cambogia and HCA, the active ingredient in the dietary supplement, have come back with mixed results.

In some clinical human trials, Garcinia Cambogia extract was no more effective than a placebo, but in others it worked well enough to attract the attention of celebrity Dr. Oz. Every person is different, and what works for some simply does not work for others. This could have something to do with brain chemistry, hormone levels, etc., but it is not currently well understood why results are so mixed.

More study is needed

More studies need to be done in order to make conclusive arguments concerning Garcinia Cambogia. So far, the longest study of the supplement was 12 weeks. In order to properly study the drug, it is imperative that several independent studies be performed over several years.

Currently it is only understood with relative certainty that HCA works in lab rats as an effective weight loss drug. For certain animals, HCA blocks the body’s ability to convert sugar into fat. Results in humans are less conclusive than in animal studies, but many people stand behind the supplement and are proud to show off their results.

Obesity – A polarizing topic

Obesity and how to fight it is a polarizing topic because weight loss is very difficult and people want an easier way to do it. If a pill comes along that will make curing losing weight fast and easy, of course people will try it. They will try anything to get healthy, and feel and look better without actually going to the effort of doing it through diet and exercise. Sometimes, it is hard to accept that weight loss takes a combined plan of attack rather than a singular approach.

G. Cambogia is a booster, not a miracle cure

The truth is, without diet and exercise, a supplement like Garcinia Cambogia may offer certain people results that are so underwhelming that they think it is failing to work altogether. This supplement can only amplify the efforts that people put in to their weight loss programs. If dieters stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen, then HCA will give excellent results. If people neglect to exercise and cheat on their diets a lot, nothing that is safe or legal will work to help them lose weight, including HCA.

Garcinia Cambogia is not a miracle drug plucked from the hand of God and brought to our local health food stores to cure obesity. It is simply a dietary aid. It can help burn fat and it can help lower blood sugar, but it cannot do it all.

Would it work for you?

Overall, HCA has mixed reviews and it is apparent that some people experience fabulous results while others see less of an impact. Why this is true needs further inspection. Though it might not work for everyone, it very well might. 12 weeks is a short time span to find out.

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