Understanding Garcinia Cambogia HCA Basics

Medicinal plants exist throughout the world. Used in ancient medicine for thousands of years, rare tropical fruits plants contain acids that can help patients with a number of different ailments. One of those acids is Hydroxycitric Acid, or HCA. This promising compound has the potential to help treat a number of different ailments.

HCA and weight loss

HCA studies have thus far shown promise in the modulation of lipid metabolism in lab animals. Lipids, or fats, are burned at a faster pace in animals given HCA, indicating possible uses in humans struggling with excess fat.

In double blind studies, HCA has shown to be effective at boosting the metabolism of overweight and obese individuals. Likewise, it also helped dramatically lower the BMI of people taking the supplement in conjunction with exercise over those who only exercised.

Garcinia Cambogia consistently reflects the amount of effort put in to weight loss. Meaning, those who eat a well-rounded, healthy diet and exercise regularly saw results that were 400% better than those who did not restrict their diet or exercise. When paired with consistent efforts, HCA has the potential to boost weight loss results dramatically, which is very important to those losing weight for health reasons.

Not only is Garcinia Cambogia a wonderful weight loss and metabolism booster, it is a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs for a number of other health conditions.

HCA and depression

There are almost no effective serotonin reuptake inhibitors found outside of pharmaceutical laboratories. HCA has proven in at least two studies to be just as effective as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor as the lab-created anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drug fluoxetine. Millions of people take fluoxetine every day to fight depression. Side effects of taking the pharmaceutical drug range from gastrointestinal discomfort, cardiovascular issues, and suicidal thoughts to allergic reactions that can end a life.

The fact that there is a natural antidepressant that is every bit as effective at fighting depression as fluoxetine but comes with far fewer side effects is incredibly exciting. Proponents of natural medicine over pharmaceutical drugs may consider trying HCA as a natural alternative to fluoxetine.

HCA and kidney stones

Kidney stones are a result of a buildup of calcium oxalate crystals in the kidneys. These deposits will collect until they are so large that only surgery will get rid of them. Kidneys can completely shut down from these blockages, and they are excruciatingly painful to endure. Some stones can be passed through the urinary tract, but if they grow too large to pass, extreme measures must be taken.

Until recently, surgery was one of the few options to get rid of kidney stones. However, University of Houston researchers recently discovered that HCA is capable of dissolving oxalate crystals inside of kidney stones, making them dissolve and pass through the urinary tract naturally. Pharmaceutical companies are now working on a new HCA-based drug to treat kidney stones based on these findings.

HCA and intestinal health

According to PubMed, HCA has shown promise as an antiulcerogenic agent, meaning it can prevent ulcers. In Ayurvedic medicine, Garcinia Cambogia is given to treat “bilious digestive conditions and upset stomach during pregnancy.” Additionally, HCA is used to purge intestinal parasites and worms. There is potential in this acid to fight off bacterial infections in the stomach lining and balance acids, resulting in a lessening in the occurrence of stomach ulcers.

Using Garcinia Cambogia

It is always advisable to consult with a physician before taking any type of supplement. HCA needs further study, but it does show promise in a number of different medical applications. There is a lot of potential to heal people naturally with HCA.

Though there are a wide number of HCA supplements on the market, it is wise to consult with a doctor about proper dosing and potential side effects of taking this supplement. Only a doctor can say whether or not it is safe to take this plant-based, naturally sourced supplement.

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